Timber Benchtops Melbourne

“Our Solid Timber Benchtops will provide a warm feel to any space, while creating an elegant finish.”

“Creating a Natural Look for your Kitchen, has never been easier…”

People come together around Kitchen Benchtops and Dinner Tables!

So, we make sure we produce attractive Tops for your home..

All our benchtops are made in our premises by our experienced and dedicated team, by sustainably sourced timbers.

We manufacture made to measure Solid Timber Benchtops Melbourne for the kitchen/building industry and private home renovators.

Our experience is assured, as we select the perfect colour timber for your tops, from the beginning of the process right through to the end. We can completely finish your tops with your choice of edging, joining, cut-outs and polishing and or staining.

We have a huge range of Colour Stains available to select, or we can match any colour you desire!

Please see our section on Colour Stains.


You will be living together with your piece of benchtop, so make sure you come into our showroom to ensure you are selecting the correct timber for your desire!

We supply benchtops in a range of timbers suitable for all areas, including kitchens, bathrooms, offices, laundries, libraries, and more…


We offer a range of timbers. If a specific timber is not listed here, please call our office to enquire availability.



We offer a range of thicknesses : 20mm, 32mm, 38mm & build-ups.

Lamination sizes can vary depending on choice: 20mm, 60mm & 90mm.

Standard and recommended lamination size on most of our timbers is 90mm.


**The timber shown in these photos are an indication only and do not mean you will receive the exact colour, as timber variation is very common as being a natural product.

A range of Edge Profile are available for our benchtops. If you have a special mould you require, please let us know and I’m sure we will be able to create this perfect finish for you!

Please see our profiles below:

Edge Profile Choices:

For a Spectacular Style Benchtop ~

“A French Provincial & Hampton’s Style Top are beautifully designed, adding warmth and an elegant touch to your home.”

 A stunning Special Build-Up with a Decorative Edge

For more details, please enquire within

Recommended Finishes

Ilva – Polyurthane – A 2 pack finish which is very hard wearing, with exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance.

Installation Guidelines

Correct installation of our benchtops is vital for optimum longevity. We ensure all our timber we use is sustainable, while being properly kiln dried to what is recommended in Australia.

Good sealing is essential to prevent an abrupt and excessive moisture movement to and from the timber. Benchtops must be envelope sealed ie. top, bottom, edges and ends. Pay particular attention to the inside of cut-outs, especially the end grain.

If you cut on site – reseal the cut area with at least four coats of sealer.

 Minimal fixing only of benchtops is required, as self-weight, plumbing etc… will hold down the piece. Ideally fix into the same strip of timber. Fixing through framework into the underside of the bench should be via 12mm clearance hole and an 8-gauge screw with washer. This allows movement between the fixing points. Holes should be pre-drilled.


FSC – Approved

The below website contains some of the most valuable information regarding timber in Australia: