Let us transform your kitchen into something brilliant!

We only use a 2pack paint with a high quality finish.

Finer Timber doors offer kitchen companies, cabinet makers, home renovators & builders a professional 2 Pack paint application service to kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, wardrobe doors and internal doors.

We take the time and understand what the client is wanting to achieve, while we recommend the perfect clear finish to suit your project.

No job is ever too small or too big! We are committed to finish your job on time and within budget!

Colours and Finishes 

Two Pack allows you the freedom of selecting any colour available – our clients use Dulux’s vast selection to find the exact tint they prefer. Two pack is also available in several finishes: matt, satin, semi-gloss, full gloss, textured and metallic gloss. We recommend the semi and full gloss finishes as these are the easiest to maintain.

We can match any existing gloss level you are wanting!

You can select any paint colour from any company, our most common selections include:

We only use Ilva Polimeri Coatings, which is one of the largest manufacturers in Europe and in the world producing only premium quality!

 Two Pack” is paint. There is a tin of paint and there is a tin of hardener. The two are mixed together to form a two-part (or two-pack) solution. Normal house paint would be termed as ”single pack paint.” It is tougher and harder to scratch or wear than laminate finish. It is also easier to clean and definitely lasts longer

Two Pack offers a hard finish making it less prone to scratches and wear. It is also a low maintenance option that will last you for a very long time. A Two Pack finish will not peel off, nor will it show edging. Two Pack also offers you the luxury of being able to replace a single door should any damage ever occur, whereas most laminates and vinyls do not.

All our work is guaranteed..