Custom-Crafted Timber
Benchtops for Your Kitchen
and Bathroom

Solid Timber

Benchtops: Immersive Beauty Tailored to Your Style.

Immerse yourself in the inviting warmth, captivating charm, and enduring elegance of our Solid Timber Benchtops. These custom-crafted masterpieces effortlessly create an organic ambience in your kitchen or bathroom, reflecting your refined lifestyle and personal taste.

Your Lifestyle Embodied in Timber

Our Solid Timber Benchtops go beyond their functional purpose; they become a true embodiment of your lifestyle. As the centrepiece of your kitchen, bathroom, office or laundry, these benchtops seamlessly integrate into your daily life. Visit our showroom to explore the tactile and visual allure of our range, ensuring your final choice resonates with your aesthetic preferences, lifestyle and the character of your home.

The Art of Craftsmanship

Craftsmanship lies at the heart of our work. With a deep understanding of timber and an unwavering commitment to quality, our seasoned experts guide you through the entire process—from colour selection to the final polish. We ensure that your Solid Timber Benchtop becomes a masterpiece that combines exceptional craftsmanship and timeless style.

Transformative Interiors, Unforgettable Statements

Our comprehensive service goes above and beyond. We offer bespoke edging, joining, cut-outs, polishing and staining, ensuring that your benchtop not only fits your home but transforms it into an unforgettable statement. Discover the transformative power of a Finer Timber Doors & Joinery benchtop and experience the remarkable difference it can make in your kitchen.

Benchtop Profiles

Your taste and requirements are unique, which is why we offer a range of edging profiles to choose from.
However, if you have a special mould or unique design in mind, please let us know. We have the expertise to create
the perfect finish that is tailored to your style and preference, adding a distinctive touch to your kitchen.

90° Edge
180° Edge
Stepped Pencil
Pencil Round Edges
Square Edge

Thickness Options

We believe that your benchtop should be as functional as it is beautiful. That’s why we provide various thickness options, starting from 20mm, to suit your specific needs. If you require a custom thickness to perfectly fit your space and meet your requirements, our skilled craftsmen can build a benchtop that is tailored to your exact specifications.

Sustainable Practices

At Finer Timber Doors & Joinery, we are committed to environmental sustainability. We responsibly source our timbers, ensuring they come from sustainable forests. Additionally, we strive to minimise waste during the manufacturing process, embracing eco-friendly practices. By choosing our benchtops, you not only enhance your space but also contribute to the well-being of our planet.

Care and Maintenance

We want your benchtop to maintain its beauty and functionality for years to come. That’s why we provide a comprehensive guide on how to care for and maintain your timber benchtop. Our experts will advise you on the correct cleaning techniques, recommend suitable products, and share tips to prevent damage. With the right care, your benchtop will retain its stunning appearance and durability over time.

Experience the Finer Timber
Benchtops Difference

Step into the transformative world of meticulously crafted Solid Timber Benchtops.
Connect with us today for a personalised quote or visit our showroom to witness firsthand the superior quality and exquisite craftsmanship of our benchtops. At Finer Timber Doors & Joinery, we don’t just craft benchtops; we sculpt the heart of your interiors for years to come. Join our family and discover the beauty of custom-crafted timber benchtops which perfectly suit your kitchen.

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