Mouldings: Cap, Skirting
& Decorative Mouldings


Elevate your living spaces with our exquisite collection of mouldings, meticulously crafted to add a touch of sophistication to your interiors. At Finer Timber Doors, we pride ourselves on offering an extensive selection of mouldings in various timber species, machined to perfection upon order.

Cap Mouldings

We stock our range of decorative cap mouldings that are available in the most common of timber species. We can machine in any timber that is available upon order.

If you have a particular cap mould to suit your style, we can create your custom moulding and make it to your requirements. We manufacture several common designs of cap moulding profiles.





Skirting & Decorative Mouldings

A decorative skirting to finish your room with style!
We can create the ultimate finish to your home, by providing you with a beautiful colonial decorative finish. These mouldings can be used as a skirting mould where the wall meets the floor or as a decorative trim around frames and windows, architraves, dado mouldings, mantle pieces and more.

We also can produce general purpose mouldings, that include edging and quad moulds that can be made in a variety of decorative configurations and in a number of many different sizes.

one profile, many sizes

  • Available in any timber available
  • All solid timber – strong and durable
  • Supplied as a RAW finish (unless specified)
  • Easy to work with
  • Indoor Use

SK1 - Skirting Mould 1 (standard)

Available in 70 - 140mm wide x 20mm thick Can be run in timber or MDF
Lengths depending on timber availability

SK2 - Skirting Mould 2

Available in 110–190mm wide x 20mm thick Can be run in timber or MDF
Lengths depending on timber availability

DM1 - Decorative Mould

Available in 70-190mm wide x 20mm thick Can be run in timber or MDF
Lengths depending on timber availability

Bolection Mouldings

These Bolection Moulds are commonly used to frame insert panels or creating mock panels by fixing them onto the wall.

Available in many timber species. Our two sizes are 22mm which is our standard size Bolection Mould and we have a 32mm standard, 32mm Tudor Mould or a 21mm Farmhouse Mould.
If you have a particular accessory mould in mind, or you cannot find the exact match to your existing profile, we can make it for you!

Our Doors FTD 5, FTD 8, FTD 11 have our 22mm mould. Can be ordered with a 32mm Mould on request.

22mm Bolection Mould

Size: 22 x 8
Thickness: one size only

32mm Tudor Mould

Size: 32 x 8
Thickness: one size only

21mm Farmhouse Mould

Size: 21 x 10
Thickness: one size only

Edge Mouldings

You can choose a number of different edge mouldings to
suit your personal choice!
A range of the most common edging profiles. If you have a special mould you require, please let us know and I’m sure we will be able to create this perfect finish for you!
A choice of edge moulding to the outside of your doors. Not specified, doors will be finished with square edges.

Square Edges - Sanded Edges

EM1 - Stepped Pencil

EM2 - Pencil Round Edges

EM3 - Small Edge Mould

EM4 - Large Edge Mould

EM5 - Large Chamfer