Timber Veneer is real timber, sliced very finely!

It is not made from man-made fibre, therefore is a renewable and sustainable resource.

At Finer we offer and supply an extensive collection of the best available colour, grain, texture uniformity throughout the comprehensive range of species to suit your style!

We source species both locally and internationally to ensure we have the unique natural beauty of real timber.

We offer the service of colour matching your doors!

Finer Timber Doors Veneer Range, provides the inspiration to create the perfect solution to your interior and is only limited by your imagination. Being a natural product it’s important to note that the same timber species can vary greatly in colour and pattern.

We use an extensive selection of local and imported species.

Our veneer sheets come in 2400 x 1200.

We cut standard size at 19mm thick to your sizes and edging to suit. However we can cut board out of any thickness that is available and the edging to match the thickness. We can order larger sheets at your request, however please note there will be longer waiting times.

Please enquire today!

Please see our range of veneer colours available:

Baltic Pine

American Walnut

American Oak



European Beech

Grey Ironbark

Red Ironbark



Messmate Or Blackhole Blackbutt


New Guinea Rosewood


Radiata Pine

Red Gum

Spotted Gum

Sydney Blue Gum

Tasmanian Oak

Vic Ash

Western Red Cedar

American Walnut