2 Pack Clear Polyurethane Coatings

Polyurethane Coatings

Here at Finer Timber Doors & Joinery, we take the time to understand what the client is wanting to achieve, while recommending the perfect clear finish to suit your project.


A two-pack polyurethane finish, forms an impenetrable protective film over the surface of the timber, giving it a higher level of protection and, therefore more durable while requiring less maintenance than an oiled timber product.


We only use Ilva Polimeri Coatings, which is one of the largest timber coatings manufacturers in Europe and in the world producing only premium quality!


A variety of finishes available

We only recommend a Two Pack Finish.
Matt: 0%, 10%
Satin: 30%
Semi Gloss: 60%
Gloss: 80%
Full Gloss: 100%
* We can match any existing gloss level. This product produces a hard surface top coat with excellent results. Outstanding versatility and exceptional chemical and physical resistance. Exceptional results leaving top coats unaltered.

Recommended Finishes

Ilva - A polyurethane clear two pack finish which is very hard wearing, with exceptional chemical and abrasion resistance to really preserve your benchtop.

Exceptional sealing is essential to prevent an abrupt and excessive moisture movement to and from the timber. Benchtops must be envelope sealed ie. top, bottom, edges and ends. Pay particular attention to the inside of cut-outs, especially the end grain.
Timber is a natural product, therefore will expand and contract. Movement is quite normal, usually being only minimal.
FSC - Approved.